Cemented restoration vs Screw Retained restoration in lack of space. Dental implant procedure.

If you choose between cemented restorations and screw-retained restorations, one of the biggest advantages of the screw-retained restorations is the fact that you don’t need much height for the abutments and their parts. In most cases, when you choose between cemented and screwed-retained restorations in the frontal areas, it’s best to use a cemented restoration. Otherwise, if you use a screw-retained restoration in the buccal area and close it with composite, then, over time, the composite will change its color, and the screw channel will be visible.

In this particular case, the implants are quite palatal. If you use cemented restoration you will have residues of cement around the crown which are hard to clean, and you could end up with inflammation. This is why this case is perfect for screw-retained restorations and not cemented ones.

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