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Angled abutments

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Angled abutments compatible with most dental implant platforms can be ordered from this section.

The process of choosing an abutment is just as important as choosing the implant itself and is inextricably linked to the clinical picture of the patient. Quite often it makes sense to place the implants at different angles relative to the future dental restoration. This allows for much better primary stability. Later on, a system with differently angled implants shows better load distribution and reduces the risk of implant loss. Angled abutments are needed to compensate for the tilt and alignment of the dentition. It is recommended to choose angled abutments in close cooperation with a dental technician based on a 3D computer model or impression. This is the only way to achieve a dental restoration without overstressing and risking breaking of the crown or abutment.

The illustration below shows just such a case, where one abutment is straight and two are angled at different angles. This allows the final restoration to be fabricated and a bridge with good dissipation of the physiological stresses during mastication.

In this example, we can also see that angled abutments with screw fixation (multi-unit system) rather than cemented fixation are used. This is an advanced system and the use of screw-retained abutments offers a number of advantages:

  1. The cementation compound is used outside the patient’s oral cavity and is completely cleaned and decontaminated at the time of insertion. In contrast, when a crown and especially a bridge are placed on the cement, residual cement can protrude around the edge of the crown. The dentist can’t always get to the entire perimeter of the crown to remove the cementing compound. If the cement remains in contact with the gingiva, it can cause chronic inflammation with very unpleasant consequences, up to and including replacement of the crown and angular abutment.
  2. Fixation of the crown or bridge with multi-unit screw abutments facilitates removal and replacement of the crown. In the case of cement fixation the crown has to be physically dislodged from the abutment. This runs the risk of damaging the bone as the impact force will be transmitted through the implant into the jaw. With screw-retained angled abutments, on the other hand, you only have to drill through the crown to get to the screw. The screw is then unscrewed and the crown is removed without any shock loading on the dental implant and angled abutment.

Abutments and other accessories for the multi-unit system are also available on our website.

For most clinical cases, classic angled abutments for cemented fixation are sufficient. Let’s find out which angled abutments can be purchased in this section.

Features of UNIQA DENTAL angled abutments

Clinical practice shows that the parallel placement of implants to form a bridge has a worse result compared to the multidirectional placement. In the long-term, the unidirectional axial and lateral loading leads to loosening of the entire structure in the bone. In contrast, a bidirectional implantation through an angled abutment will result in different types of loading on the root implants. The load will be different in direction as well as intensity. This design is virtually immune to loosening. It provides excellent primary and secondary stability, even in unconsolidated bone. For single crowns, angled implants also show good results.

Anatomic angled abutment

That’s why you can buy angled abutments from us:

1. In the range of angles:

  • 15°;
  • 25°;

Which allow you to compensate for quite serious angles of the dental implant. 

2. Type of medical titanium: We use Grade 23 medical titanium alloy, which is close in strength to the popular Grade 5, but superior in plasticity, which is more important for manufacturing thin parts.

3. High manufacturing precision: Tolerances for all types of angled abutments are minimal (tens, not hundreds of microns, as with some other manufacturers). This means that the space between the cone of the angled abutment and the dental implant is free of plaque and pathogenic microorganisms. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers pay sufficient attention to high product accuracy.

4. Shape. We can supply angled abutments both with a flat conical shaped rod and with a ledge for anatomical contact with the gingiva, see the illustration below.

Angled abutments both with a flat conical shaped rod and with a ledge for anatomical contact with the gingiva


Compatibility of UNIQA DENTAL angled abutments with common dental platforms

The next competitive advantage of angled abutments is compatibility with dental implants from other brands. If you are satisfied with the quality and got a good habit of working with certain brands, then it is not necessary to switch completely to our line of dental implants. It is enough to buy angled abutments or other accessories, apply and make sure of exceptionally good quality at an affordable price.

You can buy angled abutments from us on the two most common landing platforms: internal hex, and 22° and 24° cone.

Table of compatibility of the leading platforms with well-known brands in the field of dental implantation.

Connection hexagon socketConnection cone 22°
ZimmerHiossen /Osstem
MISNobel Biocare
Alpha BioMagagen Any Ridge
CortexMegagen Any One

Why it is profitable to buy angled abutments from us

We understand that we are not the only manufacturer of components for detailed prosthetics, but if you decide to buy angled abutments, healing caps, etc. from us you will get:

  1. Flawless quality because we invest in technology, not marketing with beautiful brochures and loud promises.
  2. Free delivery of any components anywhere in the world.
  3. Fast delivery within the USA, because we have our own warehouses and representatives in the USA.

Also, you can order samples for testing from us, leave a request and we will send an introductory kit on special terms.


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