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Straight abutment

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Straight abutments are a support for a crown or a complex splinted structure if several teeth need to be repaired. You can buy straight abutments made from Grade 23 medical titanium from us. This alloy is superior in strength to Grade 4 and slightly inferior to Grade 5, but exceeds the latter in terms of plasticity. This is critically important because the straight abutment is thin enough. Moreover, it has a hole for the fixing screw. The abutment strength is designed to easily withstand the functional load. However, the abutment should not exceed the strength of the root implant pin, so that the abutment is fractured first in case of injury or other emergencies. The straight abutment serves as a mechanical fuse. If it serves as a lever, a healed implant can injure the jaw bone, which should be avoided that by all means. It is much easier to remove the crown and the abutment piece and then to restore the set of teeth anew than to heal the injured bone. Our products are made taking into account all the above-mentioned aspects.

Straight abutments

Features of Uniqa Dental Straight Abutments

In this section of our website, you can buy straight abutments for fixing the crown with cement. If you need components for screw retention, you will find them here: Multi-Unit systems.

As for straight abutments for cement retention, you can choose from the following options:

  1. All straight abutment heights used in clinical practice, from 4 to 7mm.
  2. A standard hexagon connection platform, a conical connection of 22° and 24°.
  3. Please, pay attention to the height and shape of the platform for placing the crown. You can select options for any of the dental implant types:
  • For subcrestal placement – placed by a couple of millimeters in bone tissue (first image on the left on the figure below);
  • For subgingival placement – the implant is just above bone level (central image);
  • For transgingival placement – the implant is placed at the margin level and the top part serves as a healing cap. This design is more often used in one-stage surgery of dental prosthesis placement (the image on the right).

Straight abutment transgingival placement

The figure below shows several types of straight abutments that we manufacture. Please note that you can select and buy anatomical straight abutments (the image on the left) to support the margin with an uneven edge.

Several types of straight abutments


In terms of height to the edge, we offer the following options:

  • 1 mm;
  • 2 mm;
  • 3 mm;
  • 4 mm;
  • 5 mm.

All straight abutments for any platform type are made with the highest precision. This means that the tolerances are minimal – ones and tens of microns, while competitors’ products have tolerances of 100 microns. Precision in manufacturing dramatically reduces the risk of complications and loss of implants, especially when replacing joint implants. With high tolerances, there may be a situation where the abutment enters the implant connection freely causing micro motion in the connection between the abutment and the implant. This in turn triggers loss of the patient’s bone. It is hard to see the difference with the naked eye.

For each abutment, there is a different type of screw, which perfectly fits the dimensions with minimum gaps. This also reduces the risk of spinning and loss of the crown.

In addition to permanent abutments, you also can buy healing caps from us.

Straight abutments can be used together with angled ones in complex restorations. If some implants are perpendicular to the bone (this requires straight abutments) and some implants are at an angle, this improves the distribution of load on the jaw and increases the chances of the long-term survival of dental prostheses.

Compatibility of Uniqa Dental Straight Abutments with Common Platforms for Dental Prosthetics

There are dozens of unique designs for dental platforms in the world. That is not always a good thing If a new company is founded, has presented its product, sold several thousand kits and has closed down after five years or the range of unique design has been withdrawn, that is a problem.

Dental implants often require maintenance; there may be crown chipping and other difficulties. This requires for the abutment with the crown to be changed and replaced with a new one. If the company has disappeared and you can no longer buy a straight abutment of the right configuration, you need to order an individual product by drawing or 3D model. This is the lost time and the high cost of such treatment.

So, we have taken the path of maximum compatibility. Our dental implant parts are suitable for root implants of most known manufacturers. As we have already mentioned, you can buy straight abutments for the hexagon and for cone 22°. See the full compatibility table below.

Internal Hexagon ConnectionConical Connection 22°
ZimmerHiossen /Osstem
MISNobel Biocare
Alpha BioMagagen Any Ridge
CortexMegagen Any One


Why It Would Be Profitable to Buy Angled Abutments from Us

Before you decide on which suppliers and manufacturers of the dental prosthetic components you would like to choose, see what you get if you favor of us:

  1. Abutments and other parts for implantation of impeccable quality. We invest time and money in technology and research, not marketing. We will not have neat brochures and presentations with minimum useful information. Buying from us, you pay only for the quality of the product itself.
  2. Free delivery of any components anywhere in the world.
  3. Prompt delivery in the United States because we have warehouses and representative offices in the USA.

Also, please contact us for samples for testing. For this, you need to submit a request, and we will send you a set of parts on special terms.


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