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In this section, you can select and order healing abutments. These are temporary abutments, which are placed in freshly placed root implants. Their main purpose is to form the healing margin in such a position that it then fits tightly to the base of the future crown. Then the margin edge becomes anatomically correct. Ideally, you will not even be able to distinguish between the living tooth and the implant.  You can buy healing abutments from a Grade 23 titanium alloy that exceeds the Grade 5 alloy in plasticity with almost the same strength. The healing abutments do not carry a functional load and are located below the adjacent teeth, but their strength and ability to withstand lateral loads are also critical. It takes from 3 to 6 months before placement of the basic abutments and restoration of the set of teeth, depending on the prosthesis survival rate. During this time, the temporary abutment (healing cap) can be changed several times to prevent margin coverage and correctly form a hole for future tooth restoration. We found no difficulties with UNIQA DENTAL healing caps at any of the healing stages.

UNIQA DENTAL healing caps

Advantages and Features of UNIQA DENTAL Healing Abutments

Healing caps are required for rapid margin healing in the correct configuration. Margin soft tissue should not be covered over the implant. So the healing caps are always above the margin level and pass right through it. At the same time, it is important that the healing abutment does not reach the antagonist’s set of teeth and is not loaded during masticatory movements.

The choice of healing abutment length and diameter depends on the following:

  1. The thickness of the soft tissue at the implantation area, above the alveolar bone level. The thicker the margin, the longer you need to buy a healing abutment.
  2. Areas of placement in the jaw and differentiation by load – fangs, molars, incisors, etc. Healing caps are used in multi-stage restoration guidelines. This is more common in the molar area, whereas in the cosmetic area, a one-stage procedure is often used when the implant and the abutment with the crown are placed on the same day. The diameter and height of the healing abutment strongly depend on which tooth the implant is going to replace. The widest healing caps are needed for molar prosthetics, a markedly smaller diameter is needed for pre-molar restoration. But each case is individual, and only a specialist can decide which healing abutment you should buy.
  3. The method for placing an implant in relation to the alveolar bone level and the margin level. It is quite reasonable that for subcortical (1-2 mm deep relative to the bone) placement, you need a fairly high healing abutment to allow the margin to heal around it rather than from above. Whereas a transgingival implant placement (almost at margin level) requires a small and almost flat healing abutment.

Small and almost flat healing abutment

You can buy the following healing abutments for the connection platform from us: standard hexagon and cone 22° and 24°.

In terms of diameter, you can buy healing abutments from 3.5 to 7 mm with a pitch of ± 0.5 mm.

In terms of height, you can buy UNIQA DENTAL healing abutments from 2 to 7 mm. If you need advice on how to choose and availability of certain forms of healing caps, please, feel free to ask questions in messengers (Viber, WhatsApp) or by phone, written at the bottom of the page.

Compatibility of Uniqa Dental Healing Abutments with Common Platforms for Dental Prosthetics

We know that there are dozens of unique designs of dental implants and several platforms of compatibility of the implant with the abutment. We have chosen compatibility only with the most common and proven brands, see the table below.

Diversity and uniqueness in the world of dental implants are not always a good thing. Since if the novelty does not take hold and disappears from the market in, say, five years, a patient will have problems. So will the dentist.

The point is that sometimes dental restoration requires maintenance or replacement of crowns or cantilever bridgework. If a specialist used a common and accessible platform, there will be no problems. The crown needs to be removed, a new abutment needs to be placed and a new restoration needs to be performed. And if a specialist used an implant of a unique shape of connection with a non-standard polyhedron or angle was used, there will be problems. Then you cannot buy an abutment of these parameters because the company has closed down or has shut down its range of products.

In order not to remove the root implant from the jaw, it is left to order the individual product by drawing or 3D model, which is the lost time and the high cost of such surgery.

Why It Is Profitable to Buy Healing Abutments from Us

We recommend that you make a decision and buy UNIQA DENTAL healing caps. And we have good reasons for this. The reasons are the following:

  1. Healing caps and other components for dental implantation are made with great precision (minimum size tolerances). This means they will be tightly and securely attached to the dental implant. The gap between the implant and the healing abutment will not be penetrated by plaque and biofilm. We have achieved such technical parameters by investing time and money in equipment, research, and technology. And we do not spend many resources on marketing. Therefore, you will hardly see our neat brochures and presentations but always get healing caps, straight and angled abutments of the highest quality. If you choose to buy healing abutments, you will only pay for the quality and high technology.
  2. We will deliver the order free of charge anywhere in the world. Moreover, we do not have terms for a minimum lot and even the smallest order of 6-10 dollars will arrive for free.
  3. In addition to the price, the delivery promptness is also important. And we have something to please you in this regard. We have warehouses in the United States, so delivery will be prompt.

You can also get samples for testing. For this, you need to submit a request, and we will send you a set of parts on special terms.


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