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Buy Implants and Accessories for Clinical Cases with Uniqa Dental

A dental implant is a no-cost option for the treatment of both complete and partial adentia. From this section of the website you can buy implants and all the accessories for them for almost all clinical cases. Let’s understand what competitive advantages the products of Uniqa Dental have, so that you can make an informed decision about what kind of implants to order.

Implants Uniqa Dental

Varieties and sizes of dental implants from Uniqa Dental

Through this section, you can buy dental implants with a modern configuration for two popular interfaces – the inner hex and the 11° (22°) platform switching taper.

Both options have their advantages, although the tapered connection with platform switching is considered more progressive because the taper is tighter in the implant interface and should limit the leakage of bacteria into the inside of the implant. In practice, the microgap at the tapered connection is indeed smaller than at the internal hex, but not significantly. The internal hex and tapered connection has almost the same advantages as the external hex. Unfortunately, no system can hold back 100% of non-sterile fluids. However, if healing and soft tissue integration occurs normally, this is not a problem and the prognosis for implant survival is equally favorable.

The tapered connection has a greater advantage in the gingival cuff area. If the implant is to be placed subcrestally, it is recommended to buy dental implants with platform switching. Due to the step between the upper part of the implant and the base of the abutment, additional space is created for the formation of connective tissue. The connective tissue connection is formed only below the implant/abutment connection line. The base of the abutment is not fused with collagen fibers and an epithelial part of the gingival cuff is formed around it. If the implant is planted at the level of the bone or even lower, the body will make room for the formation of the gingival cuff through bone resorption around the implant. The system with platform switching at the expense of the step frees up almost 1 mm for the formation of the connective tissue connection. As proven by numerous studies, soft tissue integration is the cause of bone resorption around the implant in the first 8-12 months. After that the situation stabilizes.

The other characteristics of the implants that you can buy on this site are identical. Let’s take a closer look at what diameters and lengths can be ordered.

IMPORTANT: Note that the small diameter 3.3 mm implants are straight tapered. Whereas all other modifications have a second taper in the coronal part. The advantages of this implant geometry will be discussed further.

The table below shows the lengths and diameters that you can buy from Uniqa Dental, the dimensions are valid for both connection options.

Uniqa DentalImplant diameter
3.3 mm3.75 mm4.2 mm5 mm
Height, mm8888

It is possible to expand the range in the future, but if you order implants from the existing list, they can satisfy specialists in more than 90% of cases.

Geometry of implants from Uniqa Dental

Confidence in the quality of the product and the reliability of the supplier is the most important thing when choosing which implant platform to buy. Let’s look at the key quality criteria starting with the shape of the thread and the body of the implant itself.

  1. In all implants with a diameter of 3.75mm and above, the coronal part of the implant is shaped like a reverse cone. When used in combination with platform switching this provides a better quality of integration at the soft-tissue level. The gingiva fits around the base of the abutment more naturally, resulting in excellent aesthetics.
  2. The general shape of the implant is tapered and extends upward. The thread profile is variable. In the apical region the threads have an aggressive, thinner and higher profile, which helps in the implant insertion phase. The dental implant threads itself into the bone, so it’s easier to install and it’s good for primary stability. The thin knife-like threads enter the bone much more easily, not causing bone heating, unlike the triangular thread profile of other manufacturers. Also in the apical part, the thread is divided into a double helix, which makes it even easier to insert the implant into the bone tissue.
  3. The smoother and wider thread in the middle and upper part fits tightly into the bone tissue cut by the lower coils, which also contributes to primary stability and accelerates the process of osseointegration. See the illustration below in which all three thread profiles are superimposed from the beginning to the top of the implant. Not all manufacturers do this profile because of its complexity. If you buy a UNIQA DENTAL implant, you get advanced implant geometry at a reasonable price.

    This implant geometry allows good results in patients with low bone density, or in cases of immediate implantation. In the latter, the hole is irregularly shaped because of the cavities left by the roots of the extracted tooth.

All these geometry features provide the tightest possible contact with the bone, which ensures good primary and secondary stability. If you have questions about the properties or need to know how to order Uniqa Dental implants, please contact us in any way listed on the website.

Surface of implants from Uniqa Dental

To integrate the implant without complications, it is important that:

  1. The surface of the implant has irregularities for better adhesion to the bone tissue cells. For this purpose, the titanium implant is mechanically treated with a jet of sand or calcium phosphate particles.
  2. The surface has a minimum amount of impurities such as carbon, silicon residue after sandblasting, etc. The higher the percentage of pure titanium, the better. After all, it has long been known that titanium is biocompatible material, unlike impurities that may be on its surface.

Thanks to the proprietary Pure&Porous processing technology™ Uniqa Dental is able to achieve one of the best values in terms of purity and the successful integration of the porous implant surface. However, everything is learned by comparison and numerical values are important for specialists. The table below shows the pure titanium and carbon content of Uniqa Dental dental implants compared to the average of 62 samples that took part in an extensive study published by POSEIDO.

Aw Market per POSEIDO 2014 ReportUniqa Dental

If you buy dental implants from Uniqa Dental, you will get one of the best values for purity and proper surface structure.

Uniqa Dental implant material

Dental implants made of only a few varieties of titanium and its alloys are available worldwide:

  1. Grade 4 commercial grade titanium is strong enough for implants with a diameter of 3.75mm or greater. Also, due to the absence of impurities, technical titanium implants are rapidly osseointegrated.
  2. Grade 5 titanium-vanadium-aluminum alloy is stronger and makes it possible to manufacture thin-walled parts and thin clinical screws.
  3. Oxygen-reduced titanium-vanadium-aluminum alloy Grade 23 is almost as strong as Grade 5, but surpasses it in ductility and resistance to elastic strain. This is the material of choice for all Uniqa Dental dental implant components. When you buy dental implants from Uniqa Dental you get durable products that withstand elastic deformations where products made of other materials crack.

Why it is beneficial to switch to dental implants from Uniqa Dental?

If you buy dental implants from Uniqa Dental, you will receive:

  1. Versatility in indications – Uniqa Dental implants can be purchased for immediate implantation and for D3 and even D4 bone density if no gingiva former is placed, but a plug and soft tissue sutures are placed on top. This way the implant is immobilized and the primary osseointegration proceeds without complications.
  2. High manufacturing accuracy of all parts, with a deviation from the size of not more than ±0.02 mm, whereas in some other supplier’s manufacturing tolerances can be up to ±0.05 mm.
  3. A choice of two of the most popular connection interfaces – internal hex and tapered platform switching. Uniqa Dental interfaces are compatible with most popular brands, see compatibility chart below.
    Hexagonal inner connectionConnection taper 22°
    ZimmerHiossen /Osstem
    MISNobel Biocare
    Alpha BioMagagen Any Ridge
    CortexMegagen Any One
  4. The surface is of excellent quality, which ensures rapid osseointegration. The surface roughness and purity is among the best in the world. This enables Uniqa Dental to compensate for the disadvantage of titanium alloys compared to pure titanium.
  5. The price of Uniqa Dental implants is significantly lower than similar quality products. This is achieved by investing in technology and equipment rather than marketing and advertising.
  6. The thought-out form of work with customers – delivery of any part from the range is made at the expense of the company, and anywhere in the world. There are warehouses in the USA, so delivery speed is reduced to 1-2 days.

Please note that Uniqa Dental gives you the opportunity to test the quality of its products for only $1. To do this, please order a test kits, which is also delivered at the company’s expense. Also on the web site you can buy implant kits for all on 4 or all on 6. 


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