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Uniqa Dental Implant Systems Disclaimer

Uniqa Dental offers a wide range of implant systems and components that are compatible with many major implant brands available on the market.

Here’s a list of implant brands compatible with Uniqa Dental products:

Brand Name Platform(s)
AB Dental® Internal Hex 3.5 RP
Adin® Internal Hex 3.5 Touareg™ S / OS / Swell, Slim Platform
Alfa Gate® Internal Hex SCI™ / MAX™ / Porous™ RP
Alpha Bio® Internal Hex 3.5 RP
Alpha Dent® Internal Hex 3.5 RP
Axelmed® Internal Hex RP
BEGO® Internal Hex RP
Biohorizons® Internal Hex Tapered Internal™ 4.5 Platform
Blue Sky Bio® BIO Internal Hex™ 3.5 Platform
Cortex® Dynamix™ Internal Hex RP
Dentegris® Internal Hex RP
Dentium® Conical Connection
Ditron® Internal Hex Ultimate™ / MPI™ RP
Edison Medical® Internal Hex Lamina™ RP
Hiossen® Conical Connection ET™ System Mini / NP, Conical Connection ET™ System RP
Implant Direct® Internal Hex Legacy™ 3.5 RP
iRes® Internal Hex RP
Isomed® Bifasici Esagono Interno Internal Hex RP 3.5
JDentalCare® Internal Hex RP
MegaGen AnyOne® Conical Connection
Megagen Anyridge®
MIS® Internal Hex SEVEN & M4™ SP
NeoBiotech® Conical Connection IS™ S-Narrow System, Conical Connection IS™ System
NobelActive® Narrow Platform (NP), Regular Platform (RP)
Noris Medical® Internal Hex RP
Osstem® Conical Connection TS™ System Mini / NP, Conical Connection TS™ System RP
Paltop® Internal Hex Dynamic™ / DIVA™ SP
Ritter Implants® Internal Hex RP
SGS Dental Implants® Dental Implants Internal Hex P1™ / P7™ – RP
Spiral Tech® Internal Hex RP
Stern Gold® Internal Hex RP
Surgikor Implant® Internal Hex RP
TRI Dental Implants AG® Internal Hex Bone Level RP
Zimmer Biomet® Internal Hex 3.5 RP

The mention of these brands is solely for the purpose of identifying implant systems that might be compatible with Uniqa Dental products. Uniqa Dental has no affiliations with or endorsements from these companies. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Uniqa Dental does not guarantee 100% compatibility of its products with components from other manufacturers. The compatibility information provided above is based on characteristics and dimensions of interfaces obtained from public sources. Other manufacturers may alter their interface designs, potentially affecting compatibility. The final compatibility determination should be made by the attending dentist.

For inquiries about compatibility with specific components, please reach out to the Uniqa Dental customer service center.