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Instruments for dental implants

The equipment in a dental office is a significant factor in its success. You can buy several types of instruments for installing implants and abutments from our websites. These are complex instruments made of durable titanium alloy produced by UNIQA DENTAL. We do not sell consumables such as sutures with needles, scalpels, and other simple surgical steel instruments. let’s take a closer look at the assortment of instruments for implantology.

Instruments for dental implants

Screwdrivers from UNIQA DENTAL

Several options are available for ordering, you can buy straight and angled screwdrivers for installing implants and for screwing screws to fix the abutment. There are also modifications that can be used equally effectively both in manual mode and as part of a torque wrench.

In this group of tools, you can buy:

  1. Manual implant drivers for external and internal hexagons. With an ergonomic handle that will not allow the implant to slip or wobble. The task of the implanter is to place the implant in the prepared inert bed while maintaining sterility. That is, avoid touching it with your hands.
  2. Angle screwdrivers are replacement accessories for ratchet wrenches. Designed for tightening screws that secure abutments, gingiva formers and other elements that are connected to the implant.
  3. Manual abutment screwdrivers with ratchet handle. In this section you can buy manual screwdrivers for all types of clinical and laboratory screws. This is a very handy and compact tool that allows you to get to the most inaccessible places. There are several lengths of manual abutment screwdrivers on the market.
  4. Ratchets for Multi-Unit Abutments. Designed for a platform with screw fixation of the prosthesis. Multi-Unit Abutments are designed to create multiple restorations. They are a modern solution that is gradually replacing the classical system of cementing the prosthesis to the abutments. The advantages of the Multi-Unit platform include:

    – Lack of contact of soft tissues with cement residues – since all operations with cement are performed outside the patient’s oral cavity;
    – High accuracy of fit and more uniform distribution of the load on the root implant;
    – Compatibility with digital CAD / CAM systems, which means      that even a complex prosthesis can be made in one day and installed without trying on and the need for adjustments; and
    – If it becomes necessary to remove the prosthesis, then it is not necessary to knock it off the abutments, it is enough to drill a hole opposite the screw and remove the structure.

    Multi-Unit Abutment wrenches are compatible with torque wrenches, allowing precise tightening, but can be used alone as a hand tool.

  5. Ratchet screwdrivers for abutments and for implants. They can also be used as a stand-alone hand tool or in conjunction with a torque wrench. They enable the implant to be installed in the bone hole with a standard torque (the force depends on the type of bone and the place of implant installation). They are popular because of their convenience and have an almost unlimited service life. The ratchet screwdriver option for abutments also allows access to hard-to-reach areas around the molars.

Universal tools from UNIQA DENTAL

This group includes tools that are indispensable, but they cannot be attributed to any other group. In this subcategory you can buy:

  1. Bite marks or bite index. Installed in place of the gum shaper it is used to register the bite. This procedure is needed to model an accurate prosthesis. There are modifications for mini-implants and for standard ones.
  2. Manual punch. With the help of this auxiliary tool, a small depression can be made in the cortical bone after the soft tissue flap is removed. From this recess, the process of drilling a bone hole for the implant will begin. It is used in cases where a lot of time has passed after the extraction of the tooth and the bone has completely healed. The indentation made by the punch eliminates the chance of the drill slipping or moving away from the intended position.
  3. Parallel pins are an auxiliary tool that helps to visually determine the angle of deviation of the dental implant relative to the bone and dentition. It also helps to determine the distance between adjacent implants. This is very valuable for the preliminary examination and planning of the prosthetic protocol.
  4. Ratchet wrenches (ratchet) are both conventional and torque wrenches for torque control. In addition, you can buy a periodontal probe with millimeter markings to find periodontal pockets.

Drills from UNIQA DENTAL

This tool is designed to prepare the bone socket for dental implant placement. The operation is carried out in several stages. The pilot drill is used first and is the thinnest. Further, the hole is expanded until it becomes sufficient for the installation of the implant. During operation, the drill must be cooled with water. Otherwise, there is a risk of thermal damage to the bone tissue and necrosis will begin after the implant is placed, not osseointegration. Also, different types of drills are used for different types of bone in terms of density. For hard bone types D1, D2 a special surgical tap can be used. In hard bone, the implant cannot effectively cut a thread into the bone with its own edges. Therefore, it is necessary to cut the preliminary turns with a surgical tap.

You can buy a set of universal drills with laser engraved size and color marking from UNIQA DENTAL. All tools are made with the highest precision, as well as from a material of high hardness, which will allow them to be used for a long time.

Why it is profitable to buy a tool for installing dental implants from UNIQA DENTAL

Instruments for dental offices are produced by many companies. Often a disposable set of cutters and a set of drills comes with the implant. Sometimes individually, sometimes when buying several dozen implants, the manufacturer gives a set of tools. However, the quality of disposable kits often leaves much to be desired and with their help you can install only a few dental implants, and sometimes even only one. W at UNIQA DENTAL took a different path. All our tools are durable and reusable. Of course, nothing lasts forever and sooner or later the implant tool will wear out. So, if you decide to work with UNIQA DENTAL, you will get:

  1. Shipping of any item from our site throughout the United States is at our expense. You can order any unit of production, regardless of the price.
  2. Excellent workmanship of tools and other UNIQA DENTAL products.
    This is because UNIQA DENTAL invests fixed assets in equipment and technology development, and not in marketing and presentations.
  3. A complete set of components for implantation. Both manufactured by UNIQA DENTAL and compatible with other implantation platforms.
  4. Access to an electronic library with digital images of implants, abutments and other components. This is a necessary resource for the manufacture of prostheses in the CAD/CAM system.

If you have any questions or want to order a test kit at a special price, please contact us in any convenient way.


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