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We bring most advanced solutions to meet today’s needs of highly
demanding dental restoration field.

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Research &

R&D is the first step to do product creation. Uniqa Dental’s research and
development team consists of several generations of experienced dentists
with deep knowledge and broad understanding of implantology and
restoration processes. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they live and
breathe everything related to dental practices. Moreover, having worked in
the Israeli hi-tech industry for many years, they’ve accumulated vast
experience in the chemistry, engineering, and electronic fields. This
combination of excelling dental and technological experience provides
high-end benefits to dentists who use Uniqa Dental products.

The timeline — from idea to implementation — is much shorter when
innovation and creativity are enforced and supported by manufacturing

After the development and manufacturing of a new product, it is extensively
tested and corrected by Uniqa’s specialists to provide an improved version
for the market.

Uniqa’s products are now offered by different implant companies.

You can look at our patents, and we can develop and test products for your
company (per our R&D terms and conditions).


Today, Uniqa Dental is manufacturing implants and prosthetic parts for other
implant companies who in turn, offer these products around the world.
Uniqa Dental manages several manufacturing departments:

Surface Treatment – Implantology

Uniqa Dental’s Pure&PorousTM process for surface (read more) formation of dental implants combines the
advantages of two of the most usable surface treatment processes in dental practice:

The dental implants’ surface, after the Pure&PorousTM treatment, is as well structured as after the SLA process and as
clean as after the RBM process.

At the same time, the Pure&PorousTM process is free from their drawbacks:

Uniqa Dental realizes the Pure&PorousTM process using its CSTTM approach to dental implants’ surface formation.
The process consists of two main stages:

  1. To avoid surface contamination during blasting, we use biocompatible hydroxyapatite as the main
    component along with other calcium phosphates.
  2. We use gentle etching to remove blast residues and to create an optimal surface microstructure.

The Pure&PorousTM process has been running since 2012 and has been approved through tens of thousands of
successful medical cases.

The Pure&PorousTM implants surface quality, as evaluated by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Energy
Distribution Spectrum (EDS), X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), and optical profile measuring instruments,
reveals highly developed surface porosity, and extreme cleanness of the surface.

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Uniqa Dental can lead you confidently into the exciting world of CAD/CAM
implantology, with the most advanced screw-retained systems.

Designed by dentists for dentists, Uniqa Dental’s Restoration System is an
advanced multi-unit system that provides clinicians with a comprehensive
restorative solution, perfect for every case, that saves time, effort and ensures
more satisfied patients.

Our innovative system features two lines of multi-unit abutments, advanced
libraries for digitally scanning abutments with greater accuracy, and a variety of
sleeves that enable dentists to perform successful and aesthetic restoration
procedures on screw-retained systems. Because, when it comes to your patients,
one appointment is always better than many!

At Uniqa Dental you will find multi-units, abutments, and other prosthetics parts
for almost all popular implant connections.

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Mechanical Department

Here, we use the high-tech CNC SWISS Type equipment which allows high-quality
products and large production volumes. High quality is assured through:

These three factors provide a high level of confidence to implant companies that do their manufacturing
in Uniqa Dental facilities. As a result, end customers enjoy premium quality products based on
well-established development.

There are implant companies that manufacture abutments and implant parts at different vendor
facilities. The main issue with this method is that after several years, there is micro-movement in the
patient’s mouth between the implant and the abutment connection. Let’s consider the following example:

Vendor A is manufacturing the following implant:
Implant connection is Internal Hexagonal 2.42mm were done with -+0.05mm, in this case, every implant
from 2.37mm to 2.47mm will pass quality control.

Vendor B is manufacturing the following abutment:
Abutment hexagonal connection with the same size 2.42mm with -+0.05mm tolerances, in this case,
every abutment from 2.37mm to 2.47mm will pass quality control.

The fact is, this implant company will have created a gap of 0.1mm between the implant (2.47mm) and
the abutment (2.37mm), which can lead to micro-movements in the future.

At Uniqa Dental we avoid this situation by manufacturing both parts at the same facilities and by testing
them during production.


Price creation

The manufacturing product price mainly depends on machine usage time, while the machine’s usage time directly depends on 3 factors:


Product quality

What product quality do you want to receive?
You can mill implants for 60 seconds or you can do it for 120 seconds. The final result will be different in terms of the accuracy of the product, its surface texture, shape, and other important parameters.


Machine type

How many axes and what mechanical capabilities and features does it have? If you are using a limited-axis machine you will need to complete the procedure in several steps. It significantly increases production time and can impact the final product’s quality. At Uniqa Dental we use the most advanced equipment in the industry which enables us to reduce the machine time without any impact on the product’s quality


Product quality

The proficiency and skills of the CNC
programming specialist have a direct impact on machine usage time and, subsequently, on the final product’s price. After the R&D department develops a new part, our CNC specialists do optimal programming for the CNC machine to produce high-quality products in minimum time.

Libraries & CAD/CAM

Today Uniqa Dental is one of the most experienced companies in the CAD/CAM digital world. There are 4 main parameters that are required for smooth integration
and a switch to digital technology:

CAD/CAM Milling Machine

Uniqa Dental’s team comprises of pioneers in learning, testing, and transitioning
to laboratory milling machines.

Based on an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of milling
machines, we manufacture our screw restoration systems as titanium bases and
multi-unit systems that, in combination with CAD/CAM technologies, provide
simple and technological solutions for the laboratory and the dentist.

Libraries/Galleries (virtual versions of products)

We have developed galleries for EXOCAD and 3 Shape, constantly improving and
updating them to achieve the best result that will make the dentist’s work easier.


We offer an expanded portfolio of superstructures which enables the selection of
the desired size without manual modification.

This is done so that the laboratory can use a high-precision abutment that was
produced at the factory and which fully corresponds to its virtual version — the
library/gallery. Otherwise, its manual modification can introduce severe errors in
the final work.


In order to develop the most advanced galleries that surpass the existing ones in
the market in terms of accuracy and capabilities, we have carefully studied the
capabilities and limitations of intraoral scanners, such as Medit i500 and 3 Shape
and other manufacturers of scanning.

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We are specialists and deeply understand the advantages and limitations of each of the 4 components of CAD/CAM technology, this gives us the opportunity to get maximum synergy in our products.

Quality Control and Certificates

We, at Uniqa Dental, put quality as one of our main values. It is reflected in our
internal instructions and guidelines.

We promote quality control for every product that we create and in every step of
the process — from setup on the CNC machine to frequent tests during the
manufacturing process and final tests post-manufacturing.

In addition, after initial tests are completed, the products go through another,
independent team that conducts very strict quality tests, and should any issues
arise, these products are sent back to production for improvement, or otherwise,
rejected altogether.

Uniqa Dental uses highly accurate measurement equipment that guarantees true
results. This equipment undergoes periodic calibration tests to assure the
integrity of the results.

Implant surfaces are inspected at every step of production.

Tests like spectrum analysis, SEM, fatigue, sterilization, biocompatibility, and
others are conducted in the most advanced laboratories in the world including
NAMSA USA, The Ben Gurion Beer Sheva University, and The Technion in Haifa.

Uniqa DENTAL holds CE certificate, FDA510K, ISO 13485, ISO9001.


Private Label

If you are an implant company and you are looking for a technology
manufacturer of the highest quality, then we, at Uniqa Dental can provide a full
portfolio of services from R&D to final products under your own private label.

This option is open for high MOQ.
For terms and conditions please contact our experts.