Drill stopper

Drill stopper

  • Lengths


    6 lengths

  • Diameter


    12 diameters


Drill stopper – used to better control the depth of the hole and faster implant placement preparation. It is vital to use in cases where multiple drill diameter are used. In general, longer treatment of the bone heats the bone in the placement and degrade the success ratio of implant osseointegration. Stoppers are designed for each drill diameter, and have 5 heights. The stopper prevents excessive bone penetration. For better control on the placement preparation . Without using the stoppers it is harder to control the hole depth.

The product is made of stainless steel and the control is achieved when surface of stopper and bone or soft tissue are joined on desired depth.

Ordering information

6 mm8 mm10 mm11.5 mm13 mm16 mm
2.0 mmUDS200L6UDS200L8UDS200L10UDS200L11.5UDS200L13UDS200L16
2.5 mmUDS250L6UDS250L8UDS250L10UDS250L11.5UDS250L13UDS250L16
2.8 mmUDS280L6UDS280L8UDS280L10UDS280L11.5UDS280L13UDS280L16
3.0 mmUDS300L6UDS300L8UDS300L10UDS300L11.5UDS300L13UDS300L16
3.2 mmUDS320L6UDS320L8UDS320L10UDS320L11.5UDS320L13UDS320L16
3.65 mmUDS365L6UDS365L8UDS365L10UDS365L11.5UDS365L13UDS365L16
4.1 mmUDS410L6UDS410L8UDS410L10UDS410L11.5UDS410L13UDS410L16
4.2 mmUDS420L6UDS420L8UDS420L10UDS420L11.5UDS420L13UDS420L16
4.5 mmUDS450L6UDS450L8UDS450L10UDS450L11.5UDS450L13UDS450L16
4.8 mmUDS480L6UDS480L8UDS480L10UDS480L11.5UDS480L13UDS480L16
5.2 mmUDS520L6UDS520L8UDS520L10UDS520L11.5UDS520L13UDS520L16
5.8 mmUDS580L6UDS580L8UDS580L10UDS580L11.5UDS580L13UDS580L16


ISO 9001 certificate
ISO 13485 certificate
CE0483 certificate
FDA certificate
Israel ministry of health certificate