A case where we have a full jaw restoration. We have a cross arch bridge on the lower jaw. At first, we made a bridge from PMMA. Then we switched to zirconia and we want to show the whole process when we choose what types of multi-units and what types of sleeves and how we take impressions. And in this case, we even redid the job because we saw there isn’t enough material to hold the forces that applied on this bridge. In here, you can see the lower jaw with the implants and the multi-units. This is, at the moment, when we make the PMMA bridge on those multi-units. We’re going to mount the bridge on the multi-units, and we’re going to check how the bridge fits. In these cases, when we have lower jaw cross arch bridge, we always have a provisional bridge because we want to see if the anatomy, the structure of the bridge, is suitable for the patient. If it’s comfortable and if the patient has good function with the bridge.