This article gives an overview of and an analysis of the nuances and differences between items for implantation. However, our next articles will analyze in detail which titanium alloys are better integrated into the bone, and how the length and angle of implant entry affects the risk of losing the prosthesis. Here we will analyze the fundamental issue of how to determine which suppliers you should and should not deal with when purchasing a dental implant system.

Why should you stick to conservatism when choosing implants?

The question may arise: why are the properties and characteristics of the dental implant system a secondary issue? The point is that it is very difficult to enter the business of selling systems for dental implantation. All the systems that are officially sold are of high quality. After all, dental implants have been tested and manufacturers have provided research data to obtain the right and permission to sell them in a particular country. This means that you can work with almost any system of elements for dental prosthetics without complications.

This is good news, however, the bad news is that the prosthetics market is quite profitable. The primary goal of many dealers, merchandisers and other smiling guys, who have an aura of success, is to sell ​​a kit including 30 sets of dental implants plus a surgical kit as a gift, get a rake-off and they care not about the fate of the dentist and his patients.

Benefits of a proven dental implant platform

However, the dentist accompanies the patient for years, sometimes decades. Therefore, not only the reputation of the specialist is critically important, but also the health and comfort of the patient. This means that you need to be able to order any type of abutments, screws, healing caps at all reasonable times and receive them within 1 to 2 days, not sometime closer to the Christmas Holidays.

Therefore, a reliable and reasonable supplier and a proven system of dental implants are more important than new products, especially when there is experience of successfully using a specific system of dental implants. In this case, there is no point in trying one-day novelties at all. Indeed, new items often have their own unique thread pitch or cones with unique angles. In this regard it happens that they disappear from the market or a unique line disappears from the market, and if it is necessary to replace the crown with an abutment 5 years later installation, it becomes impossible to find the desired item.

That is why you can buy permanent and healing abutments from us for two common platforms:

  • hexagon;
  • cone at 22 degrees.

Our parts are compatible with the dental implant systems of most other manufacturers, who have been working in the market for a long time and are looking ahead with confidence.

What criteria do experienced dentists consider important for choosing a dental implant platform?

Experienced specialists understand very well all of the above. However, it is more difficult for young specialists to make a choice. Therefore, recent graduates and experienced specialists need to take into consideration the main criteria for choosing a reliable supplier of dental implant systems. The most important aspects are described below:

  1. Customer care, availability of a warehouse and after-sales service. This is the first priority factor, along with the successful past experience and reputation of the systems. These criteria indirectly include all other aspects on the list. It was these factors that turned out to be the main ones according to the results of research among specialists in dental implantology. Articles with similar results have been published in several journals, and a report was prepared for the European Association of Implantology on the basis of the available data. The indisputable fact is that patients, not experienced specialists, mainly react to advertising and marketing tricks about special threads and NASA technologies. The patient’s wishes do not have a very high influence on the choice of a dental implant system, and in most cases, a competent explanation by a specialist helps to change the patient’s point of view. It is logical that the patients opinion regarding the choice of the platform should not be decisive.
  2. Warehouses, regional offices or prompt delivery by courier services. It is good when the supplier has any catalog items in stock, and the delivery time does not exceed 5 days. It is better still if you can receive the parts the next day after ordering.
  3. Document flow. This includes not only all permits, but also accompanying documents as well as invoices, receipts and tax records.
  4. People. Is it possible to reach someone on the phone and ask a question? The point is not to just listen to a memorized script, but get a proper answer.
  5. Website and online operation. Nowadays, almost all distributive trades and services have moved online. It all depends on how the site is arranged and whether it is easy to find, for example, angled abutments with a locator, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at these aspects. We will try to explain what you should look for and what the signs of a good supplier are.

Regional warehouses, representative offices and online delivery of dental implants

The availability of a warehouse and the presence of products in this warehouse are critically important. If there is no possibility to make a call and place an order so that the necessary parts can be delivered to you within a couple of days, you should not waste time watching the presentation.

Of course, not all dentists live in metropolitan areas, and your city may not have a representative office and a warehouse of the company. However, there must be a clear and understandable procedure for delivering an order by mail or courier services.

In addition, the ability to obtain a replacement, return an item, and to follow-up an order of one or two parts is also equally important. There are cases when several healing abutments and cover screws were not taken into account or you just received the results of the examination and it turned out that you ordered the wrong thing. If it is a problem to return or exchange an item, and the minimum order value is several hundred dollars or more, the conclusion suggests that this is not the best supplier. In addition, you should be on your guard in case of vague delivery times and the impossibility of finding out exactly which items are currently in stock right now.

Certification, permits and accompanying documents for dental implantation elements

Doctors rarely buy implant systems using their personal credit cards. Most often, implant systems are purchased through the current account of the clinic or the account of the doctor himself if he is a private entrepreneur. This means that how quickly the primary documents are prepared is important:

  • How quickly can the supplier generate an invoice for payment?
  • Is it possible to receive an invoice online at any time of the day?
  • How quickly and correctly can the supplier draw up the accompanying documents?
  • How easy is it for the supplier to process the documents? Will everything be OK with taxes upon completion of the transaction?

There are often problems with the circulation of financial documents. If the certificates and approvals for the use of the dental implant system itself are almost always in order, then the current documentation can create many problems.

Qualification and adequacy of personnel on the part of the seller

These are also critical criteria. There should always be an opportunity to contact an operator and get adequate advice.

If there is a website, then it should be convenient and informative. In addition, the personnel on the part of the seller must flawlessly know all the peculiarities and answer all questions.

It is a worrisome sign if the operator answers by saying “Tell me the catalog number, please”, and he is not able to immediately grasp the essence of the issue..

Quality criteria for the website of the dental implant seller

Nowadays everyone has a website. However, usability is very important:

  • How easy is it for the user to register?
  • Is it possible to order online so that the system itself generates an invoice with the details already filled in?
  • Where and how are logins and passwords stored? Everything should be clear and understandable, without the need to call technical support.
  • The site should contain up-to-date information, and most importantly, it should be clearly stated to be so.

Nonetheless, there MUST be an opportunity to ask questions and get answers from a person who knows and understands what the potential client needs and for what purpose. The personnel should not just repeat memorized scripts, but understand the problem and be able to solve any non-standard issue. After all, if there was a need to contact the operator, then the dentist could not find the necessary information on his own.

That is all on this topic. Until my next publication.

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Curatorial Yurij
Curatorial Yurij
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