Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people looking for ways to improve the appearance of their teeth. Two of the most popular treatments in this field are teeth whitening and veneers, and both of these treatments continue to evolve with new trends emerging.

What's new in cosmetic dentistry, in the areas of teeth whitening and veneers implant treatment

Teeth whitening has been a go-to cosmetic dental procedure for decades, but there are some new trends in this area. One of the most significant is the rise of natural teeth whitening methods. Many people are turning to charcoal toothpaste, oil pulling, and other natural remedies to achieve a brighter smile. These methods are often less expensive than traditional teeth whitening treatments, and they can be done at home. However, the most effective method is teeth whitening in a dental office. The most modern technique is using a laser for teeth whitening. Another effective method is breaking down the dark pigment with the help of active oxygen, a technology that has been used for a long time and remains popular.

Another trend in teeth whitening is the use of custom trays. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all whitening tray, dentists are now offering custom trays that are designed to fit each patient’s unique teeth. This ensures that the whitening gel is evenly distributed, and the results are more consistent. Scanning a patient’s jaw and 3D printing allow for the production of a custom cap much faster than ever before possible.

What's new in cosmetic dentistry, in the areas of teeth whitening and veneers implant treatment 2

Veneers are another popular cosmetic dental treatment, and they too have seen some new trends emerge in recent years. One of the most significant trends is the use of non-invasive veneers. Traditionally, veneers required removing a layer of the natural tooth to make room for the veneer. However, new non-invasive veneers are available that don’t require any tooth reduction. This makes the process less invasive and less painful.

What's new in cosmetic dentistry, in the areas of teeth whitening and veneers implant treatment 3
Another trend in veneers is the use of digital smile design. With this technology, dentists can create a digital model of a patient’s teeth and use software to design the ideal smile. This allows patients to see what their new smile will look like before the veneers are even placed.

Overall, cosmetic dentistry continues to evolve and improve, and there are more options than ever before for people looking to improve their smile. Whether it’s teeth whitening, veneers, or another treatment, there’s never been a better time to achieve a beautiful, confident smile.

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